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How WorkTrip Works

A Five Minute Phone Call Can Mean a Larger Tax Refund

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2- Use the Dashboard

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3- Final Review

Let's calculate your Refund! If you like what you hear, make a payment and you’re all set!

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Why WorkTrip

No Obligations Until We're Finished

  • We process your per diem info
  • We process your layover info
  • We answer your tax questions
  • No paperwork
  • No appointment headaches

Per Diem

Your Per Diem and Layover History can create Much Larger Tax Refunds! We Process your Per Diem & Layovers Instantly and include it in our Flat Fee! 


One Flat Fee - $148

Our low cost includes: A standard FA Federal Return, a State Return, and the processing of your Per Diem & Layovers.